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Sometimes it seems like the harder you try to make your relationship better, the worse things get. I understand and want you to know it can get so much better. You're moments away from discovering the secrets to dramatically improving your relationship.

Most of us were never taught how to have a good, healthy relationship. We followed the examples set by our families, friends, and movies, which almost never included great instruction on what to do when things got hard. So how were you supposed to learn these things?

Let me share the secrets with you. As a nationally recognized expert who specializes in marriage counseling and couples therapy, I can teach you everything you need to know to have an amazing marriage. I have compiled everything I've learned from my 16 years of marriage, 12 years of college, 15 years of clinical practice, thousands of hours of research and training into the very best tools, tips, advice and strategies for you. Don't wait any longer, let's get started making YOUR relationship the best it can be!



New Blog Post - The Right Way To Fight With Your Partner

February 22, 2015

In this week's blog post, I discuss a recent interview with Rob & Kristen Bell on how to fight fairly. We tend to think that we should NEVER fight and that if we stop fighting altogether, it means we have a fabulous relationship. Candidly, this is not what we should aim for. We need to fight, we need to express our thoughts and ideas, especially when we don't agree. But how we do it is key. We need to find ways to respectfully and thoughtfully disagree. You can read the blog post here: The Right Way To Fight With Your Partner. You can join our conversation about this on Facebook here: Dr Kathy's Facebook Page.

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This Week's Post - 730 Child Custody Evaluations

February 02, 2015

Most of us hope we never have to experience a child custody evaluation, which is also called a 730 evaluation here in Orange County. If you find yourself preparing for a 730 evaluation, you’re probably filled with a lot of anxiety and worry. I am sorry, I know this is a very stressful time and a very emotionally exhausting experience. Hang in there. You can do this and you can do it well, you just need to calm yourself down and be thoughtful about what you do and say in your evaluation. This week's post focuses on just want to do. Click here to read more: Dr. Kathy's Blog - How To Prepare For A Child Custody Evaluation.

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Could you be sabotaging your affair recovery?

January 19, 2015

When you're hurt, you are flooded with emotion and it is almost impossible to think clearly. It's even harder to behave well and make choices that will help you recover from an affair. But how you handle your affair recovery is critical! Without a little guidance, you might find yourself becoming very depressed and confused about why your husband is being distant or your wife is shutting down. This article is for you - learn what you might be doing to sabotage your recovery so that you can make better choices and heal faster. Click here to read more: http://drkathynickerson.com/products/7-ways-to-sabotage-your-affair-recovery.

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