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Let's Make It Better Now

There are a couple of ways for us to work together...

Online Therapy - by Text or Facebook

Working up the courage to get counseling for private problems can be hard. With online counseling, you get the help you need fast and with complete privacy. It's all up to you how much you want to share. 

The convenience and privacy of online therapy is ideal for you if you have a very complex schedule or don't live nearby.  This option also works well if you are just starting with therapy and want a safe way to explore even the most difficult situations. 

In an online session, we will discuss your situation privately by text or Facebook messenger. You can do your session on your own or as a couple.  

It's simple to get started... just click Make An Appointment above. 

Phone Session

Like online therapy, phone therapy is extremely convenient and flexible. In a phone session, we will chat about your situation and brainstorm solutions together on a phone call. 

We can do phone sessions with the 2 of you as a conference call. Just let me know when you schedule your session and please make sure I have both of your phone numbers.  

It's simple to get started... just click Make An Appointment above. 

Office Visit

I would love to meet you and chat with you in person. If you live near Orange County, please come sit down with me at my beautiful home office and we'll discuss your relationship personally. 

My office, located 5 minutes from the Irvine Spectrum, is a very cozy and private cottage nestled in a historic eucalyptus forest. It's magical, you'll love it.

You are welcome to visit on your own or as a couple. We can even do family sessions, if you'd like. 

It's simple to get started... just click Make An Appointment above.

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