Therapy Scholarships

Wish you could work with Dr. Kathy ... but worried about the cost?

We understand and want you to be able to access high-quality counseling at a price within reach.

We're pleased to offer "therapy scholarships" to those in need. A therapy scholarship basically allows you to pay a reduced fee for your relationship counseling.

To apply for a scholarship, simply complete the application on this page.

Dr. Kathy will personally review your application and will respond to you within 2 business days with a decision.

As much as we'd like to be able to offer scholarships to everyone, we can only accommodate a few people per month.

If we cannot accommodate your request at this time, you can join our waiting list and we will provide you referrals for other affordable therapy options.

All scholarships are limited. For example, we may offer you 10 sessions of 50 minutes for a substantially discounted rate we agree upon per session. All must be used within one calendar year. You can re-apply for a scholarship again in the future if you need more care.

Please apply for a scholarship BEFORE booking an appointment with us; we do not offer retroactive scholarships.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to receiving your application.