• Affair Confrontation Script
  • Affair Confrontation Script
  • Affair Confrontation Script
  • Affair Confrontation Script
  • Affair Confrontation Script

Affair Confrontation Script

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One of the worst things in life has just happened to you - you discovered that your spouse is cheating. You're probably flooded with intense feelings of sadness, pain, hurt, and betrayal. I imagine that you're scared too, maybe having no idea what to do or say to your spouse about what you've learned.

If you want to know EXACTLY what to say to your spouse in a confrontation conversation, then the AFFAIR CONFRONTATION SCRIPT is what you're looking for.

I wrote this guide to help people just like you. People who've discovered that their spouse cheated and want to know just what to say to get the affair to stop and get their spouse to start working on the marriage.

This essential resource - the AFFAIR CONFRONTATION SCRIPT - will help you compassionately confront your spouse about the affair and ask for the affair to end, so you can start repairing your marriage.

I've been recommending this script to my clients for years. What amazes me is that it has always worked! The betrayed spouses who use this to confront their spouse come back and tell me "He listened and he cried. I felt like he really got it and he was shocked that I wasn't angry and chewing him out." The straying spouses who received this script report that it immediately changed how they saw themselves and their actions. They started to realize how sad and selfish the affair was and that they were hurting everyone the loved by cheating. The vast majority of couples who use this script report the affair came to and end within the next couple of days!

Can you imagine that? If you download this script now, the affair could be over tomorrow and you'd be on your way to recovery!

Picture yourself a week from now: the crisis is over, you've told your spouse you know about the affair, you've asked for it to end, and your spouse has agreed. You don't have to worry about what else is going on, you can finally lay down at night and know that the worst of the storm is over. How amazing would that feel?

How can I be so sure this will work for you? Because I have developed this approach through working with hundreds of couples over the last 10 years. I know it works because it's worked so well for so many people, just like you.

Inside this resource - the AFFAIR CONFRONTATION SCRIPT -  you'll discover: 

How to handle yourself so that your spouse will see you as kind, caring and compassionate, so you don't push your spouse away by making them feel judged, attacked or blamed.

Exactly what to say - literally a 1 page script - so that you can tell your spouse you know about the affair and ask for it to end.

How you should think about the affair, so that you can not blame yourself and be understanding of your spouse's choice. (It was absolutely the wrong choice, but they chose it for a reason we can understand, even though we don't like it.)

The next steps you should take, so you can continue healing and start rebuilding trust.

Don't wait any longer. You've already been suffering enough. Use this script to end your spouse's affair and start healing right away.

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