• Healing From Infidelity - Step 1 Workbook + Videos
  • Healing From Infidelity - Step 1 Workbook + Videos
  • Healing From Infidelity - Step 1 Workbook + Videos
  • Healing From Infidelity - Step 1 Workbook + Videos

Healing From Infidelity - Step 1 Workbook + Videos

$ 30.00

Healing From Infidelity is a proven, step-by-step program, where you'll learn everything you need to know to truly heal from an affair.... all from the comfort of your home!

If you have been looking for practical, insightful, easy-to-follow advice from a relationship expert who really knows what works....then this on-demand online class is for you.

This class covers Step 1 of the program and is ideal for the person who discovered the affair.


What You'll Learn:

What To Do If An Affair Was Just Discovered -
how to take care of yourself, how to cope, and how to prepare for talking to your partner about what you know.

Telling Your Partner You Know About The Affair -
the do's and don'ts for confronting your partner, how to handle difficult feelings and reactions.

The Affair Confrontation Script -
a script that you can customize and use to tell your partner that you know about the affair and ask them to take action to end the infidelity.

What To Expect When You Tell Your Partner -
the 3 most common reactions to being confronted about an affair and how you can handle each type to get the best response possible.

What If You're Not Sure Or Have No Proof -
how to get the proof you need so you can feel confident moving forward.

How To Handle The Next Couple Of Days -
how to act to minimize any further tension and strain, how to cope with the emotional roller coaster, how to handle telling other people, and how to care for yourself as you heal.

Common Myths About Affairs -
a list of things you should not believe, so that you can heal properly and not feel like you are responsible for the affair (because you're not!).


What You'll Get:

30 Page Downloadable PDF Workbook

7 Online Videos - totally optional, but designed to enhance your learning and teach you how to do some of the exercises in the workbook

3 Bonus Guides

Immediate Delivery & Lifetime Access


Benefits & Details:

- This program is 100% online and it consists of video lessons, printable guides, handouts, quizzes and articles.

- The workbook is downloadable, so you will have it forever and you can work on it whenever and wherever you want.

- The videos are available online 24/7, so you can access them anytime you want, whenever and wherever you are. The videos work on all laptops, smart phones, and tablets. All you need is an internet connection.

- The workbook is easy to follow, self-paced and truly step-by-step, so you can heal at your own pace and take the time you need to recover.

- Unlike traditional therapy, with on demand programs like this, you'll never need to schedule an appointment, take time off from work, drive to the office or hire a babysitter.

- Best of all, this Healing From Infidelity course is completely private and absolutely confidential. No one will ever know you've taken this course unless you decide to tell them.

- This is the only affair focused program offered online taught by a board certified clinical psychologist, who is also a nationally recognized expert in the fields of marriage therapy and couples counseling.

- Our program is based on science, not guesses or hunches. Many of the core concepts taught in this course come from world-renowned research psychologists, Dr. John Gottman & Dr. Martin Seligman.

- Healing From Infidelity has been thoroughly tested in my office over the last 15 years and proven to work by thousands of couples. I know it will work for you!


You really can go from suffering, to recovering, to happier than you've been in a long time.


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