• How To Recover From A Bad Fight
  • How To Recover From A Bad Fight
  • How To Recover From A Bad Fight
  • How To Recover From A Bad Fight

How To Recover From A Bad Fight

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You’ve had a bad fight.

I bet you’re exhausted and upset and know that you don’t want to keep doing this.You're probably wondering if you guys are doomed to keep going around and around like this... or if you'll ever get past it.

I know just how you feel. And I want to reassure you that YOU CAN GET OVER THIS, quickly and easily...

Truth is that our worst fights are about two things: the superficial thing that set us off (i.e., someone forgot to put the wet laundry into the dryer...again) and the deeper issue of what this "thing" means to us (i.e., that you don't care enough about me to help me with household chores).

So to help you recover from this bad fight... you have to do a little thinking and talking in order to completely make it better (and prevent the same fight from happening again and again).

First, you need to think about what happened and why...

Second, you and your spouse need to talk about your feelings, his/her feelings and work towards not repeating the same “cycle” of combat.

To help you do this, I created this fight recovery guide for you.....

It's a series of several questions that will guide you through your thoughts and feelings that led to the fight, so you can get all your feelings out on the table and finally let them go!

I'd like for you and your spouse to each spend some time thinking about the questions posed in this guide on your own.

When you’re both ready, sit down together and calmly discuss your responses.Really work to understand your spouse's perspective (even if it seems a little wacky to you).

If you do this, you'll get over this fight quickly AND you will learn how to prevent future fights. This is a game-changer for couples who find themselves fighting often... I know it will be for you too!