• The 20 Questions Game
  • The 20 Questions Game
  • The 20 Questions Game
  • The 20 Questions Game
  • The 20 Questions Game

The 20 Questions Game

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Feel like you and your partner are disconnected? Are you each plopped down on the couch every night, living in separate worlds, one of you on the iPad, the other one reading or watching a show? Feel like you're more roommates than spouses?

If you can relate, you're not alone. As we settle into our marriages, we get more comfortable. After a while, we stop paying attention, we slowly move into our own worlds, and if we don't do something to get out of those separate worlds, we find ourselves feeling very lonely and disconnected.

It doesn't have to be this way!

You can get closer by spending a little time each day talking to the other and playing. Yes, I said playing!

We all love fun and when we are first dating, our relationships are all about fun. We should never let the fun leave our relationships.

So to help you boost the fun factor in your relationship (which will help you get closer, feel more connected, start to feel more loving and maybe even lead to some intimacy), this 20 questions game is for you!