• Rebuilding Your Relationship House
  • Rebuilding Your Relationship House

Rebuilding Your Relationship House

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Feeling overwhelmed by all of the advice and articles on how to fix your relationship? One expert says this, another one says that. How do you know what to do? Where do you start?

You're not alone in being confused. In fact, most therapists were confused by these questions too... until we started to scientifically study what happy couples do differently from struggling couples.

What we learned is that you have to work on improving a marriage in a certain order. If you try to do step 5 before doing step 1, you're not going to have good results.

This guide - Rebuilding Your Relationship House - will tell you exactly what steps you need to take in order to improve your relationship.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • The 7 components of a healthy and happy relationship "house," so you can look at your relationship and determine which areas need some patching.
  • Exactly what to do when you find a problem area, so you can improve that area and strengthen your whole relationship.
  • What you need to work on first, as you're trying to make your relationship stronger. So can avoid the pitfall of starting with the hardest tasks and struggling unnecessarily.
  • The relationship deterioration process, which outlines how relationships get worse, so you can figure out where you are and know what to do now to start making things better.
  • What the 4 Horsemen are and how they erode the foundation of your marriage, so you can look out for these behaviors and start to eliminate them.

What you'll get:

A 2 page digital download (PDF) that features a high resolution copy of the image above and a second page that discusses the "house" and key research findings.