• Dr. Kathy's Do's & Don'ts For Absolutely Fabulous Communication

Dr. Kathy's Do's & Don'ts For Absolutely Fabulous Communication

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Wish you knew EXACTLY how to communicate with your spouse?

Truth is, communication is tricky. There are things we do that make someone more likely to talk and open up... then there are things that we can do to make someone shut down and go quiet.

If you want to transform your communication with your partner, you need to know the difference between these Do's & Don'ts.

This guide will give you my time-tested rules for how to fight fair and really communicate with your loved one.

You'll learn what you should DO MORE and STOP DOING during conversations, including:

Soften up
Be reassuring
Take responsibility
Try to see your spouse's perspective
Ask for what you need to feel better
(and much, much more)

Be judgmental
Call your spouse crazy
Use profanity
Blame and criticize
Bring up everything you've ever fought about
(and much, much more)


And if you like more communication help, please check out this 10 minute free audio lesson that covers the Do's & Don'ts List in detail. It's packed full of great ideas you won't want to miss!