• Relationship Check-Up Quiz
  • Relationship Check-Up Quiz
  • Relationship Check-Up Quiz
  • Relationship Check-Up Quiz
  • Relationship Check-Up Quiz

Relationship Check-Up Quiz

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Wish you knew exactly how to improve your relationship? Think it might be one thing, but not sure.... and really not sure how to make things better?

The Relationship Check-Up Quiz is perfect for you!

This quiz looks at 10 different areas of your relationship and walks you through scoring all aspects of those areas.

Essentially, it's like a full body scan for your relationship... it will show you what is strong and healthy... and what could use a little work.

Best of all... by looking at your scores and going through the discussion questions (alone or with your partner), you'll know exactly what to focus on to improve your relationship.

And you can do this all from the comfort of your home, whenever you want in complete privacy!


What You'll Measure & Learn:

Section 1: Your Personal Level of Happiness -
You'll measure your personal happiness, which is one of the key factors in a happy relationship, and you'll learn what to do to increase your mood.

Section 2: The Ratio of Positive to Negative -
To have a healthy relationship, you must have 5x as many positive comments and moments as you do negative ones. In this section, you'll measure your ratio and learn what to do to increase the positive in your relationship.

Section 3: Friendship in Your Relationship -
The foundation of a great relationship is a strong friendship. This section measures how strong the friendship is in your relationship and gives you ideas how to build up the friendship even more.

Section 4:  Closeness With Your Partner -
In addition to being good friends, you have to be close and talk about deep things with each other. This section measures how close the friendship is in your relationship and highlights what to do to strengthen your connection.


Section 5: Admiration In Your Relationship -
We need to know that our partners like us. In this section, you'll measure how admired and liked you feel by your partner, as well as how admired they feel. You'll also get ideas for how to boost the admiration between you.


Section 6: Your Communication Skills -
In this section, you'll dive-deep into how well the two of you communicate about all kinds of issues and get ideas for how to improve your talking and listening skills. (This section measures all of the do's and don'ts from my  Communication Checklist, so if you haven't already downloaded that, make sure to grab your free copy here.)


Section 7: How You Fight With Each Other -
Fighting is not bad! It's how you fight that really matters. This section explores how you both handle fights and what you do during the fight. You'll get ideas for how to fight more calmly and fairly.


Section 8: Intimacy and Sex In Your Relationship -
Intimacy and sex are so important to your relationship, especially because some people only feel loved when they're touched. In this section, you'll look at the intimacy in your relationship and learn how to strengthen areas that need help.


Section 9: Trust and Safety In Your Relationship -
If there's been a betrayal or any abuse in your relationship, this section is for you. It will help you measure how well the two of you are healing from that hurt and help you identify new ways to keep healing. Also good for making sure you're not sliding back into any unhealthy habits.


Section 10: Other Trouble Spots -
So many things affect the happiness of your relationship, such as drinking, stress, drugs, working too much, gambling, mothers-in-law, money, etc. This section helps you explore a variety of common trouble spots and get ideas for healing any that are a sore spot for you.


What You'll Get:

Diagnostic Quiz - 10 Sections, 230 Questions

Self-Scoring Guide

Reflection Questions for every section

Immediate Delivery

Lifetime Access


Benefits & Details:

- This diagnostic quiz is downloadable, so you will have it forever and you can work on it whenever and wherever you want.

-You can complete this quiz in total privacy at home. Work on it when you want, where you want.... no annoying trips to a therapy office to get idea and advice.

-Take this quiz as many times as you want... please use it to keep your relationship happy and healthy forever!

- The quiz is self-paced and gives you tons of specific, practical ideas to strengthen your relationship.

- Unlike traditional therapy, you'll never need to schedule an appointment, take time off from work, drive to the office or hire a babysitter.

- This quiz was developed by me - Dr. Kathy Nickerson - a board certified clinical psychologist, who is also a nationally recognized expert in the fields of marriage therapy and couples counseling.

- The quiz has been thoroughly tested in my office over the last 15 years and proven to help thousands of couples. I know it will work for you!

- And if you'd like a special coupon code to get this quiz at a discount, be sure to join my mailing list here.


No-Risk Guarantee:

You have 3 days to fully explore and test out this quiz.... and go through all of the discussion questions. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply notify me anytime within those first 3 days and you'll receive a 100% refund. No questions asked!


You really can be happier than you've been in a long time!


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