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Tell us about Dr. K ...

"If your best friend was a marriage counselor, she'd be Dr. Kathy!" - Bhavin S, London

"It's impossible to say how much better my life is because of our time with Dr. Kathy. Without her, we wouldn't have made it and my family would be broken in two. She helped us learn how to talk to each other, how to really listen, and most importantly, how to get to the bottom of our problems. If you need to get over an affair, call Dr. K today." - Chris S, Laguna Beach

"She is an excellent psychologist with a calm and reassuring demeanor. She is respected by both peers and patients. Kathy is an excellent role model, as well as a true asset to all she works with. You'll be in excellent hands with Dr. Kathy." - Dr. Bahareh Khavarian, MD

Hi there. Thank you for wanting to become a client! I would love to help you.

You can schedule yourself for a single-session consultation here: BOOK A SESSION

Our practice is fully booked at the moment, with a long waitlist, so we are only offering single sessions to new clients at this time.

A single session is a one-time, goal-oriented, consultation intended to help you gain clarity, a new perspective, and improve an issue quickly. You will also receive recommendations to help you manage the situation that's troubling you. You can schedule up to 4 single-sessions per year.

If you prefer ongoing therapy, we encourage you to reach out to one of our trusted colleagues here: COLLEAGUE LIST

If you'd like to join the waitlist for ongoing therapy, with the understanding that the wait is quite long, please click JOIN WAITLIST and tell me a little bit about your situation in the message section.

Please know that I would love to help everyone as often as they wanted... I just can't without cloning myself. (I am looking into this!)

Thank you for understanding.

Big hugs,
Dr. K

PS. Please also note that my services are NOT covered by insurance and my fee is $350 per 55 minute session. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask.