Virtual Relationship Counseling & Affair Recovery Coaching

Online therapy marriageReady to make changes in your life and your marriage, but daunted by figuring out how to fit marriage counseling into your hectic schedule?

Do you find that it's hard to consistently make personal appointments because your work commitments change quickly? Or because you travel frequently?

Often need to change plans because of sick little ones or kids who are in lots of after school activities?

If so, then online therapy is ideal for you!

Online therapy is professional counseling done through the internet.  I offer online marriage coaching using Zoom, FaceTime, and phone. You can do your online sessions individually or as a couple, it's up to you.

Online counseling allows you to do therapy from wherever you are.

Simply connect to the internet from your phone, tablet, or PC and you can have your marriage coaching session. Because online therapy is so flexible, it can easily fit into your schedule and will allow you to have a session from anywhere in the world.

You don't have to worry about blocking huge chunks of time out of your schedule, arranging for child care, or driving to my office. You just hop online.

And if you and your spouse have very different schedules, online therapy is especially good for you. You can be in one location, your spouse in another. Even in another state or country!

Imagine... sitting in your yoga pants and slippers while you sip your favorite coffee and talk with me about ways to make things better? It's very fun, comfortable, and effective!

In fact, numerous research studies have shown that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy for a variety of issues, like marriage counseling.

You might find that you like to have options - sometimes you might want to come into the office and other times you might want to do an online session. This is completely fine, it's up to you!

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