• 7 Ways To Sabotage Your Affair Recovery
  • 7 Ways To Sabotage Your Affair Recovery
  • 7 Ways To Sabotage Your Affair Recovery
  • 7 Ways To Sabotage Your Affair Recovery
  • 7 Ways To Sabotage Your Affair Recovery
  • 7 Ways To Sabotage Your Affair Recovery

7 Ways To Sabotage Your Affair Recovery

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After an affair has been discovered, you're plunged into a very dark place. At first there's a feeling of panic, anxiety, and emptiness. As time goes on, dealing with the aftermath and the damage of the affair can seem overwhelming.

Sometimes, we get stuck. We are doing what we can to make it better, but it's not getting any better. And when we're in a lot of pain, we do things to make ourselves feel better... sometimes those things end up making our spouse feel even worse!

It's not your fault.  It's so confusing and everything feels so unstable, it's hard to know what to do without making things worse.

If you can relate, I have the solution: 7 WAYS TO SABOTAGE YOUR AFFAIR RECOVERY.

I wrote this guide to help people just like you. People who realize that their recovery is  stopped or stalled. People who've noticed that they're not really getting better and want to see if they're doing anything - consciously or unconsciously - that is causing their affair recovery to stop in its tracks.

This essential guide, 7 WAYS TO SABOTAGE YOUR AFFAIR RECOVERY, will help you identify the common affair recovery sabotages, so you can get your recovery back on track and save your marriage.

In my clinical practice, most couples reported that by following these exact steps, they were able to quickly spot the things they were doing to stall their recovery and they were able to quickly make changes and restart the healing process. Usually in just a couple of hours!

Can you imagine that? If you start now, you could on the right track again tonight!

Picture yourself tomorrow: you've figured out what's going wrong, you've talked with your spouse about how you two can get back on track, there's less tension between you, you feel calmer and more confident, knowing that you CAN do this. How great would that feel?

How can I be so sure this will work for you? Because I have developed this approach through working with hundreds of couples over the last 10 years. I know it works because it's worked so well for so many people, just like you.

Inside this guide - 7 WAYS TO SABOTAGE YOUR AFFAIR RECOVERY-  you'll discover: 

  • How to talk to your spouse - You'll learn more about how to gently speak to your spouse, so they will work hard to make the marriage stronger and feel like you're in this together.
  • Who you should (and should NOT) talk to about the affair - You'll learn who you can open up to about the affair and get the support you need, while keeping your kids out of the middle so you can minimize damage to their relationship with you.
  • What expectations of your spouse are reasonable - You'll learn that expecting your spouse to "fix" you is not going to work and what to ask for instead.
  • How to cope with your hurt and anger - So that you can express your feelings appropriately and keep on recovering, instead of resorting to physical violence (which stops recovery immediately!).
  • How to respond to your spouse's feelings - You'll learn how both of you must take care of each others feelings, so that each of you can take better care of the other.

  •  Don't wait any longer. You've already been suffering enough. Use this guide and get back on track right away.

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