Ratul asks: “Hey Dr. K, I’m 32 and my GF and I have been dating for 3 years. I’m thinking of proposing this New Year’s Eve, how do I know that we’re ready to get married?"


Great question, Ratul. Here's my two cents...


how do i know if we're ready for marriage | relationship advice

You know you're with the right person and ready to get married when:


-You truly love the other person. You can't imagine your life without them and you feel safe, comfortable, and loved in the relationship.


-You like and respect your partner. You think they have a good character, are a good person, and will be a solid life partner for you.


-You've known each other long enough to know that you're compatible. You've experienced some highs/lows and difficult situations with the other person and you know that you can count on each other and work well together.


-You have shared values, morals, and life goals; you have similar ideas about money, kiddos, and faith.


-Most of your friends and family like your partner. While we can get caught up in all the feel-good chemicals associated with being in love, your close friends and family won't... and they'll be honest with you about your partner's character and behavior.


-Getting married just seems like the next natural evolution of your relationship. You want to build your life around your partner and are excited for the future.


I hope this helps, feel free to write me back if you have any doubt!


Dr. K


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