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  • Most of us wish we could erase our bad memories. Unfortunately, bad memories are common and a normal part of life... but some memories hurt a lot more than others.This is especially true for someone who's experienced a trauma in their relationship, like an affair. We have developed a memory erasing technique called EMDR and I've modified the technique so you can do it at home. View Post
  • Do you love Chip & Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper as much as I do? They're just such sweet and genuine people, not to mention ridiculously talented! What I admire most about Chip & Joanna is that they have a really lovely relationship. And there's a lot we can all learn from them on how to keep our marriages happy and healthy! Here are 5 things Chip & Joanna can teach you about how to have a truly great marriage... View Post
  • Are you wondering how to repair your relationship? Feeling a bit frustrated by all of the information online and all of the different how-to articles? I understand and assure you, you're not alone. It is confusing! In fact, it was confusing for a lot of therapists too, until the amazing John Gottman, PhD and his team at the Seattle Love Lab started to scientifically study couples in happy (and some not-so-happy) marriages.

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  • A child's bond to their parents starts forming from the moment they are born. Children thrive in environments with close, continuous contact with their parents so they can feel safe, loved, and protected. Unfortunately, our modern lives have created a lot of demands that prevent us from devoting unlimited time to our kids. Many of us have to return to work quickly after giving birth and this causes a lot of stress on both the child and ourselves! View Post
  • We all want to be loved and feel truly, deeply valued. But did you know that we all love differently? Turns out that we receive love in unique and personal ways. If you want your partner and your friends to feel deeply loved, you definitely want to figure out their love langagues... so you can love them the way they crave to be loved!

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  • Happy couples DO do things a little differently. They are very intentional about creating a wonderful relationship and they are mindful about how they treat each other. If you're wondering if your marriage is going to last, check out these 5 things that couples with long-lasting relationships do differently and incorporate as many as you can into your relationship. View Post
  • In times like these, we all feel a little lost, scared, and overwhelmed. You might have some very real problems right now - maybe you're worried about how you'll pay your rent, how you'll afford your medicine, or how you'll survive quarantine with your kiddos. Here's a list of resources to help you get the help you need. View Post
  • None of us was expecting this... the sudden shift in our world and the complete loss of normalcy caused by the coronavirus. As of today, much of the US is on lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and it feels like overnight, the world as we knew it is gone. To help you cope, I have put together a few tips to help you manage your fear and anxiety about coronavirus... View Post