5 Signs Your Marriage Is Going To Last | Dr Kathy NickersonHappy couples DO do things a little differently. They are very intentional about creating a wonderful relationship and they are mindful about how they treat each other.

If you're wondering if your marriage is going to last, check out these 5 things that couples with long-lasting relationships do differently and incorporate as many as you can into your relationship.

They diffuse anger with humor.

Couples who have long-lasting relationships know how to regulate the "temperature" of their relationship. If things are getting too heated, they instinctively soften things up with a kind comment or a funny remark. They naturally do things to calm things down and reduce the temperature.

They make eye contact and listen.

Couples in long-lasting relationships listen differently. They focus on the other when one is speaking, they make eye contact, and they respond in a way - maybe via a subtle nod or a reassuring pat - to show they are really, truly listening to the other and that they care.

They ask nicely for what they need.

These couples don't play games, they don't hint, they don't wait for ESP to kick in. They ask directly for what they need. They know that one of the secrets to a long-term relationship is to not be a martyr and to not let resentment creep in, so they are very intentional about asking for the help and support they need. They do this in a kind and gentle way, not with anger and hostility.

They are very intentional about creating time for each other.

To feel loved and close to someone, you have to spend quality time with each other. Couples in long-term relationships know this and prioritize this. They are intentional about scheduling date nights, arranging for babysitters, and creating quality time moments at home.

When something bad happens, they drop everything.

Couples who have relationships that last know that they are the rock for the other. So when something bad or upsetting happens, they drop everything and care for their partner. They listen, they support, they empathize... and if need be, they really do drop everything to go be with the other and offer support. They show with their time and attention that being there for the other is very important to them.