Many of you have reached out lately asking how to improve your communication skills with your partner, spouse, or loved ones. I've put together these 3 quick videos that will help you listen better, validate feelings, and resolve fights much faster. Hope they help you!

Validation - The Secret Weapon To Improving Communication In Your Relationship

Validation is one of the easiest, most effective things you can do to greatly improve communication in your relationship. CNBC Contributor and Relationship Expert - Dr. Kathy Nickerson - teaches you what validation is and how to validate your partner it in this video.

Many of us struggle to listen to our partners in the middle of a fight. We usually spend our time thinking about what our next point is going to be... or how to prove our partner wrong! This is actually the opposite of what we want to be doing.

If you want your fights to be productive... and actually be beneficial to your relationship... you have to slow down and really listen to what your partner is saying. Then you have to validate their point of view, their feelings, and their perspective. Only AFTER you have done this should you try to argue for your point of view or explain your feelings.

If you can get good at validating your partner's feelings, you can completely transform how the two of you communicate. You'll fight so much less and feel so much better.



2 Ways To End Your Fights Faster

There are 2 things you MUST do if you want your fights to end faster! CNBC Contributor and Relationship Expert - Dr. Kathy Nickerson - gives you the relationship advice you need to fight fairly and recover faster. Because no one likes fighting, right?

Most of the time, if we keep fighting about the same thing it's because we never get the recognition or the acknowledgment we're craving from our partner to let it go. Or it's because we never get down deep enough and talk about what the fight is REALLY about.

On rare occasion, we fight about something that just is not fixable, and instead of fighting, we have to find a way to talk about it that feels comfortable to both of you.

If you're fighting about the same thing again and again, really dig down and think about what YOU need to hear or know to make it better. And use these 2 strategies to help your fights go smoother, be more productive, and end faster!



The Best Strategy for Stopping Nasty Fights

If your fights always turn mean and nasty, do this instead! CNBC Contributor and Relationship Expert - Dr. Kathy Nickerson - gives you the relationship advice you need to fight fairly and stop criticizing each other.

If you want to quickly get over a fight with your partner, you need to focus on one thing: listening!

The problem is, when we're upset, this is really hard to do....

Most of us think that the best way to work through an issue is to poke holes in the other person's argument and tell them how silly they are for thinking the way they do... We have the idea that they'll see the light and give us a big hug and thank us for pointing out the errors their logic.

Guess what? This never happens!

If you want to prevent a fight, you MUST make sure your partner feels heard, understood, and valued. Only when they feel this way will they listen to your side of the story.

To help you fight more fairly, in this video I'll teach you my best strategy for stopping nasty fights...

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