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  • "Basically, I feel like my husband and I are just roommates. How do we stop just going through the motions and get our spark back?" - Anna, CA. Hi Anna. Thanks for reaching out.... I am sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling like the spark is gone and that the two of you are roommates. Let me rea... View Post
  • "I really don't know what to do, Dr. K. My wife has no interest in doing any of the things you recommend for building trust after an affair. I learned about her 2 year affair with a friend from High School last Thanksgiving. Since I found out, she's seen him at least once, talked to him a few tim... View Post
  • A few weeks ago, I found myself grumbling about all the things on my holiday to-do list... "I have to address all the cards." "I have to see who I have gifts for and who I still need to shop for." "I have to take Dad out to do his shopping." ...and on and on. I have to, I have to, I have to! Fina... View Post