If you want to quickly get over a fight with your husband or wife, you need to focus on one thing: listening!

The problem is, when we're upset, this is really hard to do....

Most of us think that the best way to work through an issue is to poke holes in the other person's argument and tell them how silly they are for thinking the way they do...

We have the idea that they'll see the light and give us a big hug and thank us for pointing out the errors their logic.

Guess what? This never happens!

If you want to prevent a fight, you MUST make sure your partner feels heard, understood, and valued. Only when they feel this way will they listen to your side of the story.

So the way to NOT fight is to really listen first, then explain your perspective. This guide will show you how to do exactly that!

You can use this guide after a fight when you want to make things better, or even better, try to do this every time you talk to your spouse about something important.

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